Turkey Travel Show

It was a nice surprise to be asked to attend the Turkey travel show 2017 which took place in Izmir, http://www.travelturkeyexpo.com/

We had only been to Izmir briefly once before so it was also an opportunity to see more of this beautiful city. The show itself was a great experience, we saw representatives from regions all across Turkey.  It was also fascinating to see representatives from other countries including Thailand, Georgia, China, Slovenia and Germany.

In 2016 The Turkey Travel show was host to 1179 exhibitors from 38 countries. There were 38,587 tourism professionals from 77 countries. This year I think these numbers will have been exceeded.

turkey travel show delegates

For us it was good to discover that some rural regions of Turkey have created new hiking and cycling routes. Places that are less popular for tourists in Turkey can help themselves by giving people more reasons to visit. This can obviously really help with their tourism. It also encourages local people to get out and explore their environment.

There was also opportunity to take part in little craft workshops which we hope to offer our guests in 2018. We took part in pottery making, silk weaving, carpet weaving, wood carving and cooking.

Whilst in Izmir we had chance to visit The Kemeralti Market. It was a great experience to see the lovely courtyards. There were many shops and small businesses. We wandered around and walked past restaurants, coffee shops, craft workshops and tea gardens. We can definitely recommend Izmir as a great stop off in any Turkey itinerary. It is also possible to do day trips to Ephesus from here.

turkey costumes

We shall do our best to return next year to The Turkey travel show and look forward to meeting more people with like-minded interests.

If you would be interested in joining a small group for a craft holiday in Turkey, then please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.