Travelling To Turkey – General Information

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Entry into Turkey: When travelling to Turkey you will need a visa to enter  the country, visa vary from different countries of origin. You can purchase an e-visa online prior to your travel. Here is the website link:

Money: The national currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira. If you decide to change money in Turkey then money exchanges (Doviz), as well as Banks, are common in towns and cities in Turkey. Cash points of various Turkish banks are widely available throughout Turkey, all accept major debit and credit cards are accepted and have language translations as part of their service

General Items: Bottled water can be purchased in shops bars, and restaurants, it is advisable to ask if the tap water is OK to drink in your accommodation. Many rural houses are on clean spring water but it is worth checking. Food and clothes are generally cheaper than most western countries, local weekly markets or ‘Pazars‘ are popular in Turkey where many “genuine fake” brands can be purchased as well as local farm producers offering fresh, cheap vegetables, seasonal fruit and dairy produce. A local Pazar is well worth the visit!

Food: Turkey, rightly, is widely recognised as one of the world’s top five cuisines. Fresh vegetables are used in most meals. The traditional breakfasts (Kahvalti) in Turkey will consist of fresh bread, eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, slices of white cheese, seasonal fruit jam and local honey. Turkish tea (Çay)is served without milk in small glass cups, Turkish coffee (kahve) is black and strong, served in small cups, usually with a glass of water and is similar to expresso.

Some Useful phrases:When travelling to Turkey, most Turkish people in tourist areas, speak some English, however a few phrases go a long way to impressing the locals. Here are a few examples:

Hi: merhaba 

My name is: ismim …….

yes: evet

no: hayir
Please: Lutfen

Excuse me: Bakar misiniz

Nice to meet you: memnun oldum
Do you speak English: inglizce konusuyor musunuz? (een-gee-leez-je ko-noo-shore moo-soo-nooz)

Good morning: Gunaydin

Have a nice day: iyi gunler
Bye: Gule gule

Sorry: Afedersiniz  S

Slowly: Yavas

Water: Su

I understand very little Turkish: ben Turkce biraz

glass of tea Istanbul Turkey Turkish breakfast turkish coffee turkish olives and olive oil