Travel around Turkey

Travel around Turkey why not try the Bus?

Last week I spent 5 and a half hours travelling from Fethiye to Izmir by bus service. It was a wholly agreeable experience from the porter taking my luggage on arrival to getting free ice cream as well as tea and coffee, crisps and snacks on board. All free of charge. I had a very comfortable seat with a television screen in front of me. Headphones are provided and you can watch a choice of recent movies, listen to music or even play games if you wish. I also charged my phone and made use of the free internet service. The driver stopped for cigarette or comfort breaks every hour or so at smaller bus stations. Hot food and drink was available at every stop we made so you will not hungry on your journey. If you are looking to Travel around Turkey in comfort and on a budget then I can recommend travelling by bus.

Travel around Turkey Inside bus

The service I took was with Pamukkale Bus Company, the link is Turkish but you can use Google translate: is possible to travel all over Turkey by bus. There are other similar companies to the one I used.  The services are very regular and reliable. The cost is also inexpensive, the trip cost me approximately £12 one way.  It will obviously take longer than flying which is another inexpensive option in Turkey. You do however get to see much more of the beautiful landscapes when travelling by bus.

We can arrange bespoke tours all over Turkey so if you would like to include some travel by bus then do let us know. in   If you would like some help organising an itinerary to travel around Turkey then get in touch with us here we are happy to share our experiences and advice.