The Lycian Way Turkey Top 10 Facts

The Lycian Way Turkey

Ten top facts about The Lycian Way

1. What is the Lycian Way?
The Lycian Way Turkey is a renowned way-marked footpath founded by English woman Kate Clow. This long-distance coastal walking route has red-and-white striped way-marks that are synonymous with the ‘Grande Randonnee’ networks of long-distance footpaths located in Europe.

2. Where is the Lycian Way located?
The Lycian Way is located along the coast of ancient Lycia, Turkey. It stretches from the town of Ovacik, wrapping its away along the Turkish coast all the way to Antalya.

3. How long in km/miles is the Lycian Way walking route?
The distance of the Lycian Way is approximately 509 kilometres/316 miles.

4. Which towns/villages does the Lycian Way walk pass through?
The Lycian Way passes through many towns and villages, including but not limited to: Oludeniz, Cirali, Ulupinar, Antalya, Patara, Ovacik ,Faralya, Alinca, Gavuragili, Akbel, Adrasan, Tekirova and Beycik.

5. What can I see along the route?
There are many highlight of the Lycian Way. With many cultural and historical sites and wonderful views, the Lycian Way walker can see Kabak Beach, Baba Dag Mountain Range, Lycian Tombs, Roman Columns, the natural wonder of Chimera, Mount Tahtali, the ancient ruins of Patara, Roman Aqueducts.

6. How long does it take to walk the Lycian Way?
Here we must refer to that age-old quote that involves a piece of string! It depends on each individual’s ability and pace. Some may wish to walk part of the route at a slower pace over a week’s holiday, however, others may wish to take longer, up to a month, and discover the entire Lycian Way.

7. How fit do I have to be?
A wonderful adventure for the seasoned hiker, less experienced walkers may prefer to choose to walk the more level and less remote sections of the Lycian Way. Bespoke Turkey offer two options for walking the Lycian Way; option 1 offers a gentler hiking experience, while option 2 will provide a more challenging walking holiday. The Lycian Way is graded a medium-to-difficult walk as the route is home to many ascents and descents, with a few challenging sections to navigate.

8. Do you offer self-guided walks of the Lycian Way Turkey?
It is highly recommended to enjoy a self-guided walk Lycian Way. Self-guided walking holidays offer you utmost flexibility, enabling you to walk at your own pace and sightsee at your chosen leisure; our Lycian Way tours are offered as self-guided walking holidays. If you would like a guide for all or part of your route however, simply contact us and we would be delighted to assist in finding a guide for you.

9. Are there any hotels, cafes and restaurants along the route?
there are many hotels, restaurants and cafes for walkers to make the most of, as the Lycian Way passes through plenty of towns and villages. Bespoke Turkey organise known and trusted Turkey accommodation for all its tours, and can provide guests with trusted, recommended local information.

10. What is the best season to walk the Lycian Way Turkey?
The best time to enjoy the Lycian Way at its most comfortable (for those wishing to avoid too much sun) would be when the temperatures are slightly lower. This would be during the autumn and spring months of September-November and February-May. Boasting a wonderful Turkish climate, walking the Lycain Way is a wonderful experience September through May.

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