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Meeting people on The Lycian Way

Last week I was hiking on The Lycian Way route when I met a couple of hikers from Czechoslovakia.I could not remember meeting any ‘Czechs’ before so this got me thinking; how many nationalities have we met whilst hiking on The Lycian Way?  Well, to start with, it has been 12 or so years since my wife (then girlfriend) and I first hiked on The Lycian Way. In the beginning hikers were not common. Local villagers used to stop us to ask what we were doing and if we needed any help? Now they often just smile and wave.

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Since those early days we have met Irish,  Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Americans , South Africans, Namibians, Zimbabweans, Dutch, Germans, Swedes, Danish,  French, Spanish, Chilean, Scottish, English and of course Turkish hikers. I say of course but in the early days hiking was not popular in Turkey. Now however, I am pleased to say that more and more Turkish people are getting out and exploring their beautiful country.

I am sure that I have missed a few nationalities off this list. But I can honestly say that that there is nobody we have met that we didn’t like. That again gets you thinking why is that? Well, my answer is that hikers from all over the world share common traits. They enjoy some of the important things in life. They are an international hiking community who tend to enjoy:

  • Travel and getting away from their own environment
  • Expanding their horizons meeting new people& making new friends
  • Experiencing a different culture and tasting new foods.
  • Finding out more about ancient and modern cultures.
  • Accepting a physical challenge that brings with it many rewards

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It is fair to say that life is made up of a series of memorable experiences. A week hiking and meeting people on The Lycian Way will give you a memorable experience so why not come and enjoy a wonderful hiking holiday and see who you will get to meet on the route. Here is a link to our Lycian Way page

You can also find dates for our Lycian Way Group hiking in 2018 here