Great Start to 2022 Our Own TURSAB License

TURSAB The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies

Dear Valued Guest,

We are pleased to announce that from January 2022 we have registered and paid for our own TURBAB license. The decision was made last year. Though we have been trading for many years in the UK. It made sense as we spend most of our time here in Turkey.  We have a registered Turkish Company ‘LWH Turizm Ltd’.

TURSAB license. TURSAB The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies


The Travel agency operation license is an official document. It is given to commercial entities by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In order to obtain this document, the travel agency must fulfil different criteria and pay a large fee.

Travel agency operation license (TURSAB document) has 3 different classes. An agency wishing to organise international travel must have a “Class A” certificate. This means that the agency has the capacity to conduct an international tourism activity, and it is recommended to members to take care of it, especially on critical issues such as health.

What to be aware of when checking a TURSAB license?

As joining TURSAB is not cheap, many companies in Turkey do not own their own license, they ‘borrow’ other company’s licenses.  We own our own license. Bilge (certificate) no 13765.

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How does this affect my Booking?

Essentially it doesn’t. You do have the extra peace of mind when booking a holiday through either or We are observing Turkish government rules and following best practices for the Tourism Industry here.

Want to find out more?

Here is the link to the TURSAB website

If you have any questions about TURSAB or about our activity holidays in Turkey, then please let us know. We can be reached at