Self-guided Walking Holidays Turkey

How To Choose your Self-guided Walking Holiday in Turkey

Self-guided walking holidays are fast becoming an increasingly popular choice for travellers. A self-guided walking holiday in Turkey offers many benefits for tourists; walking at your own leisure means you can stop as long as you want for lunch, you can cover as few or as many miles per day as you like and spend plenty of time soaking up the sites and scenery without worry. It’s also a very affordable Turkey holiday option; by cutting the cost of including a personal guide, you can enjoy a value-for-money self-guided holiday experience. At bespoke turkey we work with you to organise the itinerary of your choice.

First thing’s first, research!

Where in Turkey would you like to visit, how many miles you’d like to walk and how long you have to enjoy your self-guided walk are all vital questions you need to consider before booking your self-guided tour in Turkey. Our signature and most popular holiday is the renowned Lycian Way. The Lycian Way is a stunning walk that hugs miles of beautiful coastline and wonders through enchanting ancient ruins, old churches and wonderful Turkish villages.

Or you may be considering combining a self-guided walking holiday with a city break in Istanbul. This provides you with a wonderful balance of city sights in a bustling urban setting with plenty of opportunity for walking. Cappadocia also offers wonderful walking opportunities, and is a destination easily explored. Whatever your preferred destination, we are here to offer our experience and knowledge of Turkey to assist you in making the right choices.

I don’t speak any Turkish/What if I get lost?

Very few of our guests know more than a few basic Turkish expressions such as ‘hello’ (‘merhaba’) and ‘thank you’ (‘tesekkur ederim’) but luckily our accommodation providers can all communicate in English, as do many Turks living near the coast, so it is not difficult to make yourself understood. We do recommend learning or having a few basic expressions with you, as many of our guests have said that this has added to their holiday experience.
Self-guided waking holidays mean you are responsible for navigating your routes. All our walking routes are clearly marked and as such as easy to navigate as possible. The Lycian Way, for example, is a route clearly marked with its easy-to-spot red and white markers every 100 metres or so, if you cannot find a marker go back to the last one and look for the next. At Bespoke Turkey we provide official guide book and map with our walks, included in your holiday pack.

Create your own route

Are you a lover of all things architecture? A foodie? Or perhaps you’re a sucker for scenery; whatever you really want to get out of your self-guided walking holiday in Turkey, simply let us know and we’ll be able to work with you to create your perfect itinerary.

How about planning a bespoke self-guided walking holiday in Turkey? Here at Bespoke Turkey we are delighted to provide flexible booking plans. If you’d like to add a few days to one of our tours, add another destination or stay in a particular B&B, we can discuss with you your own needs and requirements and are able to offer advice regarding flights, local travel and walking routes.

Finally, book!

So the emailing, planning and correspondence is over you have created your ideal self-guided itinerary – now it’s time to secure your place, sit back and look forward to your new adventure!