Precautions on The Lycian Way

We think it is important to make people aware of a few basic precautions on The Lycian Way Route. It is unlikely if you keep to the route that anything will go wrong. If it does, then it is worth us covering a few eventualities and giving you more information about what to expect and some advice based on our experience:

  1. Firstly, before you begin your holiday we recommend some health and holiday insurance. It is worthwhile covering yourself, just in case.
  2. The advantage of using a local company like ourselves is that we can often sort out any issues when they occur. You will have our phone numbers and email. We can quickly get in touch with local services, your accommodation providers or assist you ourselves depending on the circumstances
  3. One common problem that hikers encounter when hiking is dehydration and too much sun. This most often occurs if hiking at the end of spring, early autumn or even summer (which we do not advise). It is vital that you make sure you are carrying adequate supplies of water and protection from the sun in the form of sun cream and a hat or headwear.water bottles
  4. Have a working mobile phone. You can pick up a cheap sim card in Turkey if you wish. This is especially important if you are hiking on your own. Some parts of the route are remote but most get used by local villagers daily. If you did find yourself stuck, without phone or signal, then find shade and stay on a path and someone should find you.
  5. In most small villages some locals will keep bees. It is likely you will see beehives placed in groups. The bees are not aggressive but it is worth giving the hives a wide berth. You should not encounter any beehives directly on the route. It is worth bringing some mosquito repellent. They are not everywhere and have never been a problem in our experience but it is likely you will encounter a few.
  6. Carry a small first aid kit. The most common injuries are blisters to the feet, so blisters plasters are important. You should also have things like antiseptic cream, rehydration salts, suncream.small first aid kit
  7. All small towns in Turkey will have health centers where treatment is available for a wide range of ailments. Depending on the situation, you may not need to find a hospital in a larger town. The standard of treatment and medicine in Turkey is very high.

We hope this information has been helpful. If you have any questions about precautions on The Lycian Way please get in touch with us here or fill in our contact form here.