New Video! Highlights of Istanbul

Istanbul Highlights

Following the success of our newly released Highlights of the Lycian Way video, we have compiled a short Istanbul Highlights video for you:


Our video gives you a great taste of the wonderful things you can explore in Istanbul; historical mosques, stunning river-side scenery and bustling market streets await to be explored.

Take a trip on the The Bosphorus, a river that is famously known as the Istanbul Strait, and cruise underneath the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge – once known as the world’s 6th longest suspension bridge. If you’re appreciative of grand architecture, then seeing Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a must. This mosque’s blue tiles (located in its interior) gave rise to its local name of ‘Blue Mosque’. There are a plethora of wonderful restaurants and cafes locates along the busy streets of this wonderful city; a paradise for you foodies.

Whatever you’re looking forward to experiencing in Istanbul, check out our video to whet your appetite of things to come.

We have provided a few suggested itineraries for exploring Istanbul Highlights. If you would like soem more suggestions or have any particular requests then we are here to help.
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