Lycian Way Holidays

Our new website for people interested in Lycian Way Holidays.

Hello and welcome to our first blog for a while on our Bespoke Turkey website about Lycian Way holidays. We have been having some issues with viruses affecting the website. This has meant that our website has been down for about 5 weeks.

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Thankfully we now seem to be back to normal and running smoothly again. We have employed the services of a plugin called Sucuri. Here is a link to their website; . They have cleaned up our corrupted files and got us up and running again. So, thanks to them.
Now, our apologises if you have tried to access our website in the past month or so and found it unavailable. It has been whilst  website has been offline that we have been busy working on a new website. A few weeks ago, was created and we will offer our guests the same high level of service and choice of Lycian Way holidays.
bespoke Turkey team
If you would like to do a few days hiking on The Lycian Way or complete whole route, we can offer you our services. On both websites, you will find popular itineraries for a week hiking on the west and the eastern sections of the route. If you would like to join a group then we are running group Lycian Way holidays in Autumn and Spring every year.
Both websites will direct you to us here in Turkey. If you have any questions about our Lycian Way holidays on either website, then please get in touch with us here. We look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
Ashley Hayes