Holiday to Istanbul

Your own personal Turkey Tour part 1

We will be giving information and advice out in the coming weeks about the main Turkish tourist destinations to help you plan a holiday to Turkey. We are going to start with Istanbul:

Istanbul – Either as a holiday to Istanbul or part of a wider Turkey tour package it is up to you but try and allow yourselves at least 3 days to spend in this most amazing and awe inspiring place.

Istanbul is served by two Airports, ‘Attaturk’ on the European Side and ‘Sabiha Goken’ on the Asian side of the City. We can arrange transfers to hotels from either airport though ‘Attaturk’ is more convenient.

Istanbul was built on both sides of the important waterway called ‘The Bosphorus’ that connects the Black Sea with the Aegean and the surrounding seven hillsides.

Popular highlights of Istanbul include: The magnificent Topkapi Palace, home to generations of Sultans the rulers of the Ottoman Empire. The Majestic Grand & Spice Bazaars, where centuries of trade have taken place, The beautiful Blue Mosque & enormous Aya Sofia, the ancient underground cistern providing water for the city & iconic Galata Tower.

Interesting facts – In ancient times a great chain was placed across the narrowest section of the Bosphorus to levy a charge on boats wishing to pass. Also, one of Lord Byron’s most famous exploits was completing a swim from one side to other.

Our Tip: A trip by ferry or water taxi on the Bosphorus allows you a wonderful perspective of the city and a feeling of how people transported goods and themselves around.

What is the accommodation like? We personally recommend a few 3 and 4 star, small hotels centrally situated from which you can explore the city. These hotels are privately run and offer excellent customer service as well as clean and comfortable ensuite accommodation.

What about the locals? Well Istanbul is a very safe place to live, crime is low, statistically much more so than London or New York and incredibly enough the majority of inhabitants are naturally generous and friendly. Ask for something and invariably you will be met with smiling faces and a willingness to help.

Our Tip: allow yourself time to spend a morning or afternoon to sit in one of the numerous café’s and restaurants enjoying delicious Turkish food, a cup of Turkish tea or coffee and enjoy watching as the city goes about it’s daily business.

Get in touch if you would like some further information or assistance planning a trip to Turkey, we are here to help with your own bespoke Turkey tour and holiday to Istanbul.