The Lycian Way 2017

Another year of hiking in Turkey. We are pleased to report more and more Turkish people of all ages are getting out and hiking in their own country.

Lycian Way 2 hikers

It was eleven years ago now that my wife and I first enjoyed hiking in Turkey. We were always greeted by surprise from Turkish people we met, who wanted to know where were going and whether or not we were lost ? They did not understand why we would want to walk and we were often offered lifts as locals assumed that our car had broken down! Now it is different, many people are escaping the big cities to come and enjoy the beauty of their own country, to get back to nature and enjoy spectacular scenery and wonderful Turkish cuisine.

Turkish breakfast table
For our part we have added a swimming pool to our own accommodation this year and are offering hikers pick up on the route from Gavuragili, Pudnai, Letoon and Kinik. We have welcomed guests this year from New Zealand, Belgium, Holland, The UK, Italy and Australia, despite the fact that the news surrounding Turkey is often negative and there is still a war going on in neighbouring Syria ( though that is a thousand miles away ), the region remains unaffected and is like stepping back in time through history. We are pleased people are still hiking on the route and enjoying this beautiful and unspoilt region of Turkey.

Lycian Way Sidyma Homes
Turkish people are by nature friendly and inquisitive and guests often remark to us that an unexpected highlight of their hiking holiday is the hospitality and warm welcomes they have received, long may that continue. If you are interested in a Hiking Holiday or any other activity holiday in Turkey then you can get in touch using our contact form. Or alternately you can email us at