Accommodation on your Turkey activity holiday

We are often asked by guests about what to expect from their accommodation on a Turkey activity Holiday.  The accommodation does vary depending on which holiday you choose. If, for example you are sightseeing in Istanbul we will choose small boutique hotels like this one in central Istanbul .

Istanbul boutique hotel

If you are exploring Cappadocia we use their unique cave hotels like this one .

cave hotel cappadocia

If you are hiking on The Lycian Way then we use accommodation like this and this  We also have our own guesthouse . Every place you will stay is hand-picked. All rooms will have private bathroom facilities and Turkish breakfast; eggs, local cheeses, olives, organic honey and jams, fresh bread is served every morning. You can be confident that we know and have experienced all the accommodation we recommend for your Turkey activity holiday.  So, in whichever part of Turkey you stay, you can be assured of a warm welcome and accommodation that compliments it’s surroundings.

lycian way accom view

Turkish hospitality is well known and many guests who visit Turkey for the first time remark about how welcome they were made to feel. Your hosts will make you feel that nothing is too much trouble for them. We expect hospitality to be one of many highlights of your Turkey activity holiday.

Food is very important in daily Turkish life. Pride is taken in the food and meals that are served. Much food is still organically produced and you will be served a variety of local produce, items like; fresh vegetables & fruit, delicious soups, casseroles and salads.

 We are very confident you will experience a great time on your Turkey activity holiday. If you would like further information then please get in touch, here is our email address: