A Visit to Cappadocia

Cappadocia is situated on a plateau north of the Taurus Mountains in the centre of Turkey.

The moon like landscape, buildings carved out of rocks and underground cities make it a fascinating area to visit.

This unique landscape was caused by volcanic erosion and a series of eruptions created what we now call the Fairy Chimneys.

The region has a very rich and complicated history, often serving as a place of safety for those hiding from persecution. Some of the cave cities go as far as eight levels down.

It is thought that the population of one of these cities, Kaymakli, reached around 3,500 with the richer families living nearer the surface.

Cappadocia is now visited by over 2 million tourists a year and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you are lucky you might even spot a wedding or two taking place in this unique setting.

We offer a 4 night getaway. This includes flights from Dalaman, transportation, a professional guide and admission fees to museums and sights. You will be staying in a cave hotel and tour the wonderful landscape and cave houses. You’ll also be entertained by live music and a belly dancer during one evening of your stay.

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